Cold Trap Dewar Style 1000ml 1L for Dry Ice with Stand Cork Ring Stand Complete Set

  • $299.45 USD

The TN LAB Borosilicate Glass Dewar Style Cold Trap is perfect for saving both the vacuum and the product under vacuum.  A cold trap is a critical device that condenses suspended vapors returning to the vacuum pump into a liquid. The objective is to reduce vapors under vacuum from entering a vacuum pump where they condense, damage and create a potential explosion/fire risk.

Assembly takes only a few minutes. Connection is simple, the vacuum hose attaches to the top connector cold trap connector, and the system under vacuum is a connected to the lower cold trap connector.  Add dry ice into the cold trap, let it cool for a few minutes, and a safe reliable connection to the vacuum has been made, increasing the longevity of the vacuum pump and the safety of the project. 

  • 1x 29/42 Dewar Style Cold Trap
  • 1x 29/42 1000ml Receiving Flask
  • 1x Chain Clamp Clamping diameter 40-145mm
  • 1x British Iron Stand 250*160mm
  • 1x Lab Stand 304 Stainless Steel lifting platform 150*150mm (Scissor Jack)
  • 1x Bosshead 16mm
  • 1x Iron Ring Paint 100mm
  • 1x 1000-3000ml Cork Ring
  • 2x GL-14
  • 1x #29 Plastic Clip



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