Fine 125mm Filter Paper Fits 150 mm Buchner Funnel (11 to 15 micron)

  • $35.85 USD

Pack of 100 filter 125 mm papers suitable for filtering fine  liquid through 150 mm Buchner Funnel.

  • 100-count box of 125 mm filter papers used for filtering fine liquids through a 150 mm Buchner Funnel.
  • Note this product is only for the round filter paper, sized to fit the pictured Buchner funnel. 
  • The entire set pictured also serves as an excellent filtration system for various applications - kit pricing based on quantity and sizes. 

Filter Paper Applications

  • Buchner Funnel for large-scale filtration using Filter Flasks and vacuum assistance
  • Glass or plastic funnels varying in size from 60 mm to 250 mm using either gravity or vacuum assistance with funnels mounted with filter adapters in filter funnels or other flasks
  • Vacuum filter apparatus is often used for collection of small samples of solids using vacuum assist with Erlenmeyer conical flasks
  • Sterile PVDF filter apparatus used when sterile requirements are needed although these can be used further with the replacement of the filter media using paper of various micron sizes
  • Various types of filter paper are available with some being already pleated to effectively increase a surface area of paper available for use by separating the paper from the glass or plastic surface to allow free flow of the solvent to the collection container



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