Mortar-Pestle Ceramic 305 mm Diameter


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Ceramic Mortar & Pestle 305 mm Diameter

  • Ideal for preparing samples, generally used to crush up solid chemicals into smaller pieces, or to grind solids into fine powder. This tool makes dissolving solids into solutions much easier. 
  • Ideal for pharmaceutical lab uses, but also commonly used as a kitchen tool for grinding herbs, spices and more
  • Glazed outside except for bottom; rough inside
  • Pestle is glazed on its handle and rough on opposite end
  • Veteran owned company with emphasis on Customer Service

Mortar & Pestle 305 mm Applications

  • Grinding various solids to small particle size
  • Used to grind plant materials and spices to smaller particle sizes
  • Generate pastes of uniform consistencies by breaking large clumps into consistent size mixture

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