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TL6 Nano Volume UV-Vis

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The latest nano volume Spectrophotometer TL6 is a compact instrument for fast analysis of nucleic acid and protein concentrations by pipette sample droplet (0.5μL ~ 2μL) by built-in methods including UV absorption method, Bradford dye binding assay and the color method (Lowry, BCA, and Biuret).

In addition, the continuous wavelength scanning design and cuvettes holder allow the users to customize their own detection methods and save in the instrument.

The TL6 is equipped with a large color touchscreen, which can help the users to set the instrument and carry on all the detection process directly without an additional computer.

Key Features

  • Patented Nano volume sample detection technology
  • Integrated with cuvettes holder, a dual measurement model
  • Increase the testing speed by long lifetime Xenon lamp and dual-channel CCD
  • Large color touchscreen, 2GB memory, small footprint

 Key Performance Specifications

Optical path  0.4 mm, 1 mm; Switch Manually 
Optical system 
Double beam 
Light Source  Long-life Xenon lamp 
Receiver  Dual Array CCD, 2048 Pixels 
Wavelength range  190 nm-1100 nm 
Work wavelength range  200 nm-900 nm 
Wavelength accuracy  ±1.0 nm 
Wavelength repeatability  ≤0.3 nm 
Spectral bandwidth 

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3 ± 0.6 nm 
Micro mode transmittance accuracy ±1 % 
Micro mode transmittance repeatability  ≤0.5 % 
Transmittance accuracy  ±1 % 
Transmittance repeatability  ≤0.3 % 
Stray light 

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220nm (NaI): <0.5 % 
    360nm (NaNO
2): <0.5 % 
Noise  0 % noise:≤0.1 % 
    100 % noise:≤0.5 % 
Drift  ≤0.5 %/30 min 
Baseline flatness  ±0.005 Abs (210 nm ~890 nm,0 Abs) 
Main unit function specifications
Micro-optical path switch manually 0.4 mm, 1 mm; Manual switch
Compatible 10mm cuvette
Printer USB
Network( LAN ) LAN Connect with the LAN for network communication
Communication Interface USB main interface: Support the flash memory, saving the data into the flash memory. Also can connect with the USB printer. Also can connect with the USB mouse for interface operation.
    USB slave interface: Connect with the PC for the program updating by special Persee Portable Instruments Data management software. Or download, view, export and print the data.
Power supply(DC) 15V   DC
Dimension(W×H×D) 11 × 5 × 5 in
Weight 2 lb



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