Analytical Balance Digital - 500 grams - .001g 1mg Precision - Auto Calibrating

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Electronic Digital Analytical Balance
500 grams with 0.001gram Precision

    • 500 grams with 0.001 gram Precision Balance - Super Accurate
    • High-resolution display to 500 grams
    • Large LED Indicators back lit for low light conditions
    • Automatic calibration - 500 grams Weight Included
    • Sliding Glass Doors on Top and Two Sides
    • Adjustable feet with bubble balance indicator to insure scale is perfectly level
    • Stainless steel weighing tray is 9cm or 3.5" Round
    • Unit conversion to gram, oz, lb, pcs, cwt
    • The electronic balance has multiple functions: tare, units conversion, weight per unit, and fault display
    • Powered by AC Power Adapter (included) or 9v Battery (not included) 
    • Low Cost Fast Shipping from TN Lab Warehouse in Knoxville, TN

Digital Electronic Balance 500g - 0.001g High Precision Applications:

    • Weighing of many containers in the laboratory to enable precise net weight loading of chemical
    • Parts counting in industrial applications where a measured weight of one or several parts then provides the number of total parts in a given container that has been tared.
    • Used to measure addition of chemicals to a given container by first taring the container with chemicals and then adding the required amount by weight.
    • Determining the final amount of solids after evaporating the liquids or the original amount of water or other liquid



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