Fast Shipping - TN LAB Supply's Guarantee


TN LAB Supply is committed to providing the most affordable lab supplies to our customers.  All orders placed before 2:00pm Eastern Time will be shipped same day.

Our preferred carrier is UPS. Below is a map showing shipping time estimates from our Tennessee location. Due to our central Eastern USA location, more than half the USA population would receive standard UPS shipments within 2 days, including our free shipping option.

2022 Free Shipping Program

Effective December, 2022 all orders shipped within the continental USA of $50 or more get FREE SHIPPING.

Also, all orders shipped within the continental USA, less than $50 we offer a Max Rate shipping option of only $10.00, regardless of the size, weight or number of boxes, meaning the Maximum Shipping fee is $10.00, or less! 

Additional shipping options may be selected at checkout from our providers.

All Canada orders have a $25.00 surcharge.

International Orders

We frequently get asked if we accept international orders. The answer is yes.  We absolutely will accommodate order and export needs to anywhere. The process is slightly different, so here is what you need to know...

For order requests outside of the US and Canada, simply contact us at with the products and quantity needed, as well as the shipping address. We will then obtain an estimate for freight shipment from our preferred vendors and provide you with a final quote.

International Payment 

Payments for international order may be made via bank transfer, credit card via phone (photo ID or voice authorization required), or through PayPal. 

International Shipping Vendors

We work with several preferred shipping and freight companies who are dependable and cost-effective. Should you request a separate vendor to be used, we will charge a $75 processing fee to cover our costs. We also accept no responsibility for fulfillment issues from other, outside vendors.


For questions regarding shipping, please contact

or call us at +1 865 724-1120.