Lab Ring Stand Set with Rings, Clip and Boss Clamps - 24" Stand

Lab Ring Stand Set with Rings, Clip and Boss Clamps - 24" Stand

  • $27.45 USD

Lab Ring Stand - 24"

  • Heavy Duty 24" Lab Ring Stand with Base and Rod
  • Suitable for laboratory setups using various clamps, rings and other attachments
  • Stainless steel rod screws into the base; clamps and rings can be attached to the rod
  • Useful for suspending a test tube above a burner flame, or inverting a beaker or flask
  • The base is coated for chemical resistance and to protect against spills
  • Other sizes available include 18" stand

Lab Ring Stand Applications

  • Lab stands ideal for all areas of science and chemistry for holding and adjusting other lab apparatuses involved in an experiment.
  • The base of the lab stand is chemically-resistant from reactants or spills 
  • Provides sturdy support for equipment, such as glassware, using clamps
  • Rings are often attached to support flasks and beakers
  • Probes and other sensors are often attached to vertical stands to support them hanging into various containers and to maintain a constant location

TN Lab Supply Lab Stand Accessories

  • TN Lab Supply offers many accessories for lab stands including clamps, boss heads, rings, lab jacks, and more.



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