Heating Mantel with Digital Heat Controls and Magnetic Stirrer Short-Path 5L

  • $224.45 USD

  • The 5 Liter Mantel with Digital Temperature Control provides the control needed for short-path operations.

  • The magnetic stirring and heating mantle is designed for an integral temperature probe, although not required. A mounting point at the rear of the mantel provides a secure location for the 18" long stainless steel 1/2" rod and small mounting bracket for firmly holding in place the included temperature probe. 

    Use heating mantle for stable flask heating, it provides a large and uniform heating area, with fast heating, the temperature can reach up to 380℃

  • Ideal for 5 Liter flasks

  • Magnetic stirrer uses an imported PAPST series brushless DC motor which provides stable performance, low noise, long life, and no spark.

  • The shell is made of PBT material, has the advantages of flame retardant, withstand high temperature, corrosion, and good insulation.

  • LCD display of rotating speed or temperature.

  • Input Voltage: 220V 50/60hz

  • Stirrer Wattage: 20W,
  • Heating Wattage: 800W
  • Insulation: EGlass Fiber, Stable up to 450C
  • All mantles ship safely in sealed wooded cases



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