DNA – The First 3-Dimensional Xerox Machine

DNA, the first three-dimensional Xerox Machine; A witty and profound quote from academic Kenneth Boulding. So who is this guy Boulding anyway?

With an excellent secondary education at a college preparatory school, Kenneth Boulding won a Chemistry scholarship to Oxford University, though after a year he switched to the School of Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. Wow, a triple threat! Boulding became not only an extraordinary economist but also his diversity of interests as an interdisciplinary scholar enabled him to contribute valuable insights to diverse subjects such as ecology, biology, human behavior, ethics and general system theory. He was quite the scholar and apparently very smart!

It was no surprise that Boulding served a term as president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (1980).

The above quote about DNA comes from Boulding's paper 'Energy and the Environment' first presented in January 1976 at Laramie College of Commerce and Industry, at The University of Wyoming. Boulding was not one to produce dry texts on economics or his other interests. He laced his writings with creativity, extraordinary imagery and the reflections of one of the most original and versatile minds of the twentieth century. 

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