Beaker Borosilicate Glass with Graduations Huge 10,000ml 10L COSMETIC 2nds


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TN Lab Supply Heavy-Wall Low-Form Borosilicate 3.3 Glass 10000ml 10L Graduated Beaker - Cosmetic 2nds
  • TN Lab Supply sells new, high-quality laboratory products.
  • Sometimes we have products that fail to meet our quality requirements.
  • Those products that have only cosmetic issues are offered to customers at significantly reduced prices.
  • These Heavy-Wall Low-Form Borosilicate 3.3 Glass Beakers may have minor scuffs, cosmetic marks, small bubbles, fading, decolorization and/or spotting of the white marking pad.
  • Most of the cosmetic issues relate to the white marking pad.
  • Because of this we sell them as COSMETIC 2nds.
  • The beakers are functionally perfect. Cosmetic issues.
  • Examine the photos showing the typical cosmetic issues


  • Graduated Scales for 10,000 ml (10 L) and Pouring Spout
    • Measurements: 
    • Outer diameter 217 mm
    • Height: 360 mm
    • Thickness: 3 mm
    • Spout Diameter: 254 mm
    • Rim Diameter: 240 mm
    • The volume of 10000 ml (10 L)

  • 1000 ml Graduations on sidewall with large marking space
  • Rated for -180 to +500 C Temperature
  • Highly leach resistant to most chemicals
  • Large marking pad, which will contain cosmetic issues
  • Manufactured to ISO: 9001 Standards for Quality Assurance
  • CE Certification means production standards for beakers were met
  • Low-Cost Wholesale Pricing for Everyone
  • High Quality from German Technology

10000ml 10L Borosilicate Glass Graduated Beakers are used in many applications

  • Stirring and mixing chemicals on a stir plate
  • Heating liquids and solids on a hotplate
  • Reacting various liquids and solids in a convenient open top vessel or easy access
  • Evaporation of liquids to minimize condensation
  • Container that is easy to remove solids after evaporation
  • Used for large scale laboratory operations or small scale pilot testing

These 10000ml Beakers are COSMETIC 2NDS

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