Buchner Funnel Filter Flask SET KIT Family

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Size: 80mm-500ml
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TN LAB Buchner Funnel-Filter Flask Set Kit Family

Nine combination sets are available at a great prices
80mm Buchner Funnel with a 500ml Filter Flask
80mm Buchner Funnel with a 1000ml (1L) Filter Flask
100mm Buchner Funnel with a 1000ml (1L) Filter Flask
100mm Buchner Funnel with a 2000ml (2L) Filter Flask
120mm Buchner Funnel with a 1000ml (1L) Filter Flask
120mm Buchner Funnel with a 2000ml (2L) Filter Flask
120mm Buchner Funnel with a 2500ml (2.5L) Filter Flask
120mm Buchner Funnel with a 3000ml (3L) Filter Flask
150mm Buchner Funnel with a 5000ml (5L) Filter Flask
250mm Buchner Funnel with a 10000ml (10L) Filter Flask
Our Buchner Funnel Kits consists of a set of two matched products, plus a fitted sealing adapter, ensuring perfect fit and function, to work together perfectly.
For more detailed information on a specific Buchner Funnel Filter Flask Kit,
click on the link above.

All Buchner Funnel Sets Include FREE Shipping!

    Ultra Thick Wall Borosilicate 3.3 Glass

    Erlenmeyer Conical Vacuum Filter Flasks

    • Filter Flasks Vacuum Flask: 125ml - 250ml - 500ml - 1L - 2L - 2.5L - 3L - 5L - 10L
    • Also known as vacuum flask or Büchner flask, have heavier glass walls than a standard conical flasks to endure effects of vacuum filtration.
    • Sidearm with barbs extends 1 1/2" with a outside diameter of 3/8" or 1/2" allowing flexible hose solutions to a vacuum pump or system.
    • During filtration, the filtrate enters and is held in the flask while the sample or residue remains on the filter paper in the funnel.
    • Filter Flask can also be used as a vacuum trap in a vacuum line.
    • Highly leach resistant to most chemicals
    • Manufactured to ISO: 9001

    Porcelain Buchner Filter Funnels

    • 80mm - 100mm - 120mm - 150mm - 250mm Buchner Filter Funnels
    • Exceptional chemical resistance at an economical price
    • Filter vacuum Funnels include fixed perforated plate and are glazed inside and out, except for the top rim
    • Buchner vacuum filter funnels are usually used with vacuum filter flasks
    • Resistance to acids and alkalis is excellent, except for hydrofluoric acid
    • Autoclavable
    • Sealing adapter included

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