Chiller 5 Liter for Lab Rotary Evaporator Short-Path Distillation RotoVap


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Low-Temperature Cooling Liquid Chiller Circulating Pump 5 Liter for Short-Path Distillation, Rotary Evaporator, other Lab Processes

  • Low-temperature liquid refrigerant equipment used to cool process streams and condense gases
  • Provides a sub-freezing low-temperature water bath and can be combined with the rotary evaporator, short-path distillation, glass reaction kettle, vacuum freezing drying oven , circulating water vacuum pump , magnetic stirrer and other instruments to proceed multi-functional chemical reaction under low temperature condition.
  • Meets the dual requirements of cooling water of temperature and pure water.
  • Suitable for the need of keeping working under the condition of low temperature, chemical, biological, physical laboratory, medical and pharmaceutical testing, chemical industry, food industry, metallurgical industry, universities and colleges, scientific research, genetic engineering, polymer engineering laboratory equipment necessary
  • LTL shipping or local pickup required on this product due to size and weight


  • Air-cooled and hermetically sealed compressor units with dependable quality;
  • The dedicated and high-quality relays, protective devices and capacitors of the  refrigerating units;
  • Digital display of temperature and microprocessor controller for temperature are easy to read and simple to use;
  • Refrigerating capacity is large, cooling speed is fast, improving working efficiency;
  • Circulation system adopts anti-corrosion materials, which has the function of anti-rust and anti-corrosion, cryogenic liquid pollution prevention;
  • It can effectively ensure the normal use of all kinds of precision instruments under various working conditions including poor water quality, pressure and temperature of water, and high temperature;
  • The flow of the circulating pump can either be adjusted or customized;
  • It can be matched with a variety of instruments (rotary evaporators, fermentation tanks, chemical reactors, freeze-drying equipment, pharmaceutical reactors, etc.);
  • This equipment combines circulation with cooling function which saves space;
  • Is provided with insulated hose to connect to your equipment;
  • Just connect lines, add water and it is ready to operate.

Technical Specifications

  • Liquid Tank Size = 5L
  • Flow Rate - 20L/min
  • Zero Load Output Temperature = -10C to -90C
  • Voltage = 120VAC
  • Wattage Full Load = 550W


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