Condenser Dimroth Reflux - 290mm Overall Length - 200mm Active Condenser - Borosilicate Glass


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TN LAB Dimroth Reflux Condenser is made of Borosilicate 3.3 glass. Cooling liquid enters the condenser from the lower hose connection, moves down to the bottom of the coil,  flows through the tightly wrapped inner coil and exits from the top hose connection. Vapors rise and condense inside the outer tube from the cold coils, the reverse of many conventional coiled condensers, often viewed as more efficient.

The condenser's overall length is 290cm (11.4"), with an active condenser area length of 200mm (8").  Both of the 3/8" hose nipple connections are located at the top of the condenser. The condenser top has a standard outside 24/29 taper joint and the bottom has an inside 24/29 tip joint.

The condenser is shown with blue liquid inside the cooling coils to illustrate the internal shape and contains blue plugs for this illustration.

Our Dimroth Reflux Condenser is also available in a larger size, a 485mm length with 400mm active cooling area.

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