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Flask Filter Adapters 

Buchner Funnels used with vacuum filtering requires sealing adapters to enable secured attachment between flasks and funnels, to ensure steady, leak-proof transfer of solutions. Our filtering flasks sealing adapters can be used singly or nested together to provide the perfect seal.

Lab adapters are also used as seals with funnels, and protection against direct glass to glass contact between various types of glassware, anything requiring a damage proof and spill proof transfer. Available in eight sizes designed to fit the following conical or filter flasks. Adapters may be purchased in singles sizes or as a set with all seven sizes.

Rubber Sealing Adapters come in tan as shown.

Adapter Sizing

  • Adapter #0
  • Adapter #1: fits our 60mm funnel
  • Adapter #2: 
  • Adapter #3: fits our 150mm funnel and 250ml filter flask
  • Adapter #3: fits our 500 ml filter flask
  • Adapter #4: fits our 80mm Buchner Funnel, 500ml filter flask, and 1000ml filter flask
  • Adapter #5: fits our 120mm Buchner Funnel, 2000ml filter flask and 3000ml filter flask
  • Adapter #6: fits our 150mm Buchner Funnel and 5000 ml filter flask
  • Adapter #7: fits our 250mm Buchner Funnel and 10000 ml filter flask
  • Adapter #8

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