Filter Flask Adapters

  • $13.99 USD

Flask Filter Adapters 

Filter Adapters enable secured attachment between flasks and funnels, to ensure steady, spill-proof transfer of solutions.

Filter Adapters are available in seven sizes designed to fit the following conical or filter flasks. Adapters may be purchased in singles sizes or as a set with all seven sizes.

Adapters come in two colors: aqua as shown and tan, your color may vary, but it one order will not mix colors.

Adapter Sizing

  • Adapter #1: fits 50 ml flask
  • Adapter #2: fits 100 ml flask
  • Adapter #3: fits 250 ml flask
  • Adapter #3: fits 500 ml flask
  • Adapter #4: fits 1000 ml flask
  • Adapter #5: fits 2000 ml flask
  • Adapter #6: fits 5000 ml flask
  • Adapter #7: fits 10000 ml flask



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