Graduated Measuring Cylinder Polypropylene 2,000ml 2L SECONDS

  • $4.95 USD

Polypropylene Plastic (PP) 2000 ml Graduated Measuring Cylinder SECONDS

  • These Graduated Measuring Cylinders are SECONDS.
  • They have a manufacturing defect on the bottom, there is an area where the injection molding failed to completely fill the bottom, leaving a thinner area, slight indentation and unsightly mark on the inside.
  • The cylinders work fine, we have tested the strength of the bottom with pressure, heat and physical impacts and find no issues.
  • If you are doing water testing, outside work, one-time use, price sensitive projects, anything that looks of the cylinder doesn't matter, then this is a deal for you.
  • We have priced these 2000ml cylinders SECONDS at 70% OFF normal price.
  • Case price is less than $4.00 each


  • Plastic graduated measuring cylinder for up to 2000 ml volumes
  • Graduated Scale and Pouring Spout
  • PP Cylinder is highly leach resistant to most chemicals
  • Low cost and fast shipping from TN Lab Supply Knoxville fully stocked warehouse

Plastic Graduated Cylinder 2000 ml for Measuring Applications

  • Transfer of measured liquid and solids into flasks and graduated beakers to minimize spillage and loss
  • Measuring of solids and liquids
  • Collection of samples for volumetric measurement
  • Often used for density measurement of liquids or bulk density of solids



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