Scale Electronic 5 kg Max - 0.1 g Precision

  • $80.99 USD

    Sturdy electronic 5 kg scale with .1 g 

    • 5000 g Electronic Scale with 0.1 g readability
    • Easy to use and clean
    • Automatic calibration made simple
    • 5000 g max weight and 0.1 g readability
    • High-resolution display
    • Unit conversion
    • LED Indicators
    • One year manufacturer's warranty
    • Satisfaction guarantee

    Digital Electronic Scale 5000 g - 0.1g readability Applications:

    • Weighing of many containers in the laboratory to enable net weight loading of chemical
    • Parts counting in industrial applications where a measured weight of one or several parts then provides the number of total parts in a given container that has been tared.
    • Used to measure addition of chemicals to a given container by first taring the container with chemicals and then adding the required amount by weight.
    • Determining the final amount of solids after evaporating the liquids or the original amount of water or other liquid



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