Short-Path Distillation System 5000ml 5L Essential Oil Distillation

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5000ml 5L Short-Path Distillation System

  • Product includes:
    • 5000ml 5L Round Bottom Distilling Flask 2-Neck
    • Large Distillation/Condenser 24/40
    • One 250ml Distillation Cow Receiver 24/40
    • Three 500ml Receiving Flasks 24/40
    • Thermometer Adapter 24/40
    • Thermometer Adapter 14/20
    • One 1000ml 1L Cold Trap Flask 24/40
    • 1000ml 1L Cold Trap Receiving Flask 24/40
    • Cold trap protects the vacuum system
    • Jack Stand to support the Receiving System
    • Laboratory stand with ring clamp and support ring
    • Clips, clamps and ring
    • 5000ml 5L Distilling Mantle with Thermocouple Close-Loop Controller, Accurate to +/- 1C, with Thermometer
    • Please Note: 5L Mantle Wattage and Temperature Stability Requires 220V Input Voltage


  • Made with 3.3 Borosilicate Glass
  • CBD Oil Isolate Distillation System
  • Vacuum pump and chiller sold separately; available in TN LAB's Short-Path Kits

Distillation of CBD and other essential oils can be easily done using this short path distillation equipment.  The equipment utilizes the properties of the oil where various components of the oil are separate at different temperatures.

In the case of CBD Oil, the various cannabinoids and terpenes are separated at ever increasing temperatures.  These distillates are collected in separate receiving flasks.  

The temperature is started at the lowest boiling point where the first distillate is collected until no further transfer occurs as is evidenced by no further dripping from the condenser.  A new receiving flask is rotated into the collection position and then the new higher set point is entered into the mantle.  The collection is repeated until no further transfer occurs.  This can be repeated as many times as necessary until only waxes and other unwanted debris remain.

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