Magnetic Stir Bars Teflon® Coated 10.5 mm x 100 mm

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Magnetic Stir Bar, B Style, 10.5 mm diameter x 100 mm long

  • Teflon Coated Magnetic Stir Bar, B Style, 10.5 mm diameter x 100 mm long for large containers
  • Teflon®-coated for increased chemical-resistance
  • Suited for many solvents, acids, and bases
  • For stirring in test tubes, small size beakers, or other containers.
  • Suitable for many solvents, acids, and bases
  • Used for for up to 292 °C (482 °F)
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Magnetic Stir Bar 10.5 x 100 mm PTFE Applications:

    • Used to stir liquids beakers and flasks of medium to large size containers
    • Increased heat transfer during stirred operations by maintaining minimum temperature in contact with heated surface
    • Less chance of boil overs as stir bar acts as nucleating site for bubbles
    • Mixing of solids and liquids to enhance dissolution rates
    • Maximizes evaporation rate by increasing the surface area exposed to the air through development of a vortex and drawing addition air into the mixing that becomes saturated with water and carries the solvent out of the vessel.
    • Utilized to mix two or more phases together increasing the surface contact when extraction between phases is desired.

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