Vacuum Filtration Apparatus Kit Borosilicate 3.3 Glass 1000ml 1L

  • $84.45 USD

TN Lab Supply Heavy Wall Borosilicate 3.3 Glass 1000 ml Filter Flask Apparatus

  • 1000 ml Filter Flask Apparatus with heavy wall conical Erlenmeyer sidearm flask and a glass frit Buchner funnel in a three-part assembly
  • Glass frit Buchner funnel 300 ml
  • Graduated scale funnel 300 ml
  • Highly leach resistant to most chemicals
  • Metal Clamp to hold Buchner funnel to solid to filter flask
  • Ground glass fittings on both glass frit filter base and filter flask for vacuum tight fitting
  • Glass frit suitable for paper or plastic filter media to seal between 300 ml funnel and glass frit
  • Manufactured to ISO: 9001 Standards for Quality Assurance
  • CE Certification to assure complete compliance with standards during manufacture
  • Other sizes available: 250 ml and 500ml
  • Shipped from the Knoxville fully stocked warehouse

Glass 1000 ml Glass Filter Apparatus with Conical Erlenmeyer Filter Flask and Glass Buchner  Funnel Applications

  • 1000 ml Filter flask is used primarily as a flask to draw a vacuum to enhance the rate of filtration when using a Buchner funnel
  • The side arm is attached to a vacuum source such as a vacuum pump or aspirator.
  • Filter flasks are also used a separating flask in a vacuum line to remove liquids that to prevent being carried through a vacuum line
  • 1000 ml Conical Filter Flasks are also used with other types of filter that may utilize either a paper or other types of frit such as glass or plastic
  • The vacuum being applied increased the draw through a filter membrane to nearly an atmosphere of pressure if the vacuum level is low enough.
  • The glass frit is reusable and often used with paper or other removable disk filters
  • The clamp is used as both a mechanism to hold the 300 ml funnel in place during filtration and to permit easy change of filter media and retrieval of the solids captured on the filter media.
  • The filter may be used in gravimetric applications where the filter media may be dried and weighed to determine the weight of solids collected in a given liquid volume or process.



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