Volumetric Flask 50ml Polypropylene


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Volumetric Flask 50ml

Polypropylene Plastic (PP) 

  • Volumetric Flask - 50ml

  • Translucent Polypropylene Flask

  • Matching PTFE Tapered Stopper

  • Graduation Marking Ring

  • Flask resistant to most chemicals

Volumetric Flask Applications

    • A volumetric flask is used to determine the precise and exact volume of solution
    • A volumetric flask is more accurate than a graduated measuring cylinder, but can only be used to measure one volume, determined by the graduation ring
    • Volumetric flasks measure one exact liquid volume. This 50ml volumetric flask will measure 50ml with accuracy. In the neck of all volumetric flasks is a very thin line, the graduation line, indicating the fill point. A volumetric flask will only measure its designed volume. No other graduations or volume markings appear other than the graduation line.

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