Volumetric Flask 500 ml Borosilicate Glass 19/26 Joint Class A Accuracy

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Borosilicate Glass Volumetric Flask 500 ml Class A Accuracy

  • 500 ml Volumetric Borosilicate Glass Flask Class A Precision  
  • Glass flask with 19/26 joint for superior strength and durability
  • PP stopper 19/26 to minimize sticking and seizing
  • Easy-to-read precise 500ml marking
  • Flat bottoms are ideal for precise stirring
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High Quality from German Technology

Glass Volumetric 500 ml Borosilicate Flask Applications

    • Making up solutions of exact concentrations from solids to a volume of 500 ml
    • Dilution of known volumes or weights of solutions that are diluted to a known volume
    • This range of flask covers the normal range of dilutions that occur in most laboratories
    • Most accurate volumetric flask for making proper dilutions



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