Pipette Volumetric Bulb Form 50 ml Borosilicate Glass 50ml 0.10ml Accuracy Red


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Volumetric Pipette Bulb-Form Borosilicate Glass 50ml

Accuracy of 0.10ml - Red Ring 


  • Accuracy of 0.10ml
  • Accuracy Ring Color: Red
  • Borosilicate 3.3 Glass
  • Bulb form/type 50 ml Volumetric Pipette
  • One mark for exact 50ml dosage, accuracy as per color code
  • Easy to read graduation.
  • Clear, permanent marking for volume accuracy
  • Used for precise measuring or transfer of liquids a few drops at a time
  • Making up solutions of exact concentrations from liquids
  • Dilution of known volumes or weights of solutions that are diluted to a know volume
  • This range of flask covers the normal range of dilutions that occur in most laboratories
  • Most accurate volumetric pipette for making proper dilutions and transfers
  • Accurate addition of liquids to reaction or mixture

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